I'm Sean. I'm a software developer based in New Jersey. I'm all about building good-looking websites, writing clean code, and exploring the latest and greatest in web development technologies.

More about me

I'm an experienced software developer specializing in front end development. I've mostly built web apps in React, but throughout my career I've had the opportunity to "wear many hats" and work with a variety of technologies and tools. Among these include: various front end libraries and frameworks (jQuery, React, Next.js, Bootstrap), integration of access management software (Gigya), CMS integration (Crownpeak, Prismic), relational databases (PostgreSQL), and Wordpress. Notable areas of expertise in front end development include: architecting complex single page layouts, designing and developing responsive components, analyzing and optimizing user flows, gauging and applying web accessibility standards, and ensuring cross-browser compatibility. I've also worked projects on web security, Apache server configurations, SEO, and page speed optimizations.

Currently, I work at Codility. As the singular, lead dev in the Marketing department, I collaborate with marketers on the Demand Generation team to solve the various technical challenges of Digital Marketing.

In the past, I spent the bulk of my career working at digital agencies and had the opportunity to work with some high profile clients.

For a look into some of those projects, click here.

My (old) Work
CÎROC™ Vodka

Client: Diageo

Cîroc Vodka is a brand of luxury eau-de-vie vodka, manufactured by using grapes from the Charente-Maritime region of France.

Zoetis Petcare Rewards

Client: Zoetis Inc.

Rewards platform for Zoetis products. Users can validate purchases to accumulate points, which can be redeemed towards a Zoetis Rewards Mastercard. The website also hosts a blog by professionals and veterinarians in the field, interactive resources for pet healthcare, information pages about Zoetis products and programs, and more.

Healthy Way To Grow - Workbook

Client: American Heart Association / Nemours Children Health System

A joint program of The American Heart Association and Nemours Children Health System, Healthy Way to Grow (HWTG) is a national, science-based, early childhood technical assistance program to help improve practices and policies for obesity prevention. This website provides an online platform for early childhood programs, e.g., day care centers, to learn about healthy practices, take surveys, and ultimately develop a personalized wellness policy.